Perdue’s ThanksNuggets Turkey Breast Nuggets

give thanks for turkey shaped nuggets

Perdue’s ThanksNuggets Turkey Breast Nuggets

Although we do not usually highlight a limited edition product, we were intrigued with Perdue’s ThanksNuggets Turkey Breast Nuggets, which we spotted in our grocers’ freezer prior to the holidays. The colorful, eye-catching bag claims “It’s all the flavors of Thanksgiving packed into one perfect bite.” So even though it was just past ‘traditional turkey season,” we thought it worthwhile to sample these fun-shaped turkey nuggets due to their uniqueness, and because it made us think, “Why did it take this long to get a different poultry nugget?”


Our tasters included kids aged 2 and up, along with a variety of adults who enjoy chicken nuggets.


A number of tasters were immediately taken with the product’s concept. One taster stated their family was “excited to try these as we all love turkey and Thanksgiving,” while another taster asked, “Why didn’t they come up with this idea (a turkey nugget) sooner?!” A third taster was pleased that the package contained directions for air frying.
Among other tasters, there was some uncertainty about the product’s packaging and intent.
While one taster found the “bright and colorful” bag a clear nod “towards Thanksgiving,” others were not sure how to reconcile those qualities with the food itself.
“Since the nuggets are turkey shapes, is this meant to be for kids?” a taster asked. “If so, I wouldn’t say that’s clear. Having themed-shaped nuggets for adults seems odd, and I would never buy just for me and my husband, just for my son.”

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