How We Can Help You

U&I Collaboration’s innovative use of traditional and non-traditional tools for ideation, voice-of-consumer research, and business building fosters quick decision-making and robust, adaptive company growth. Our work is especially impactful in the early stages of product and idea creation. It is also a powerful force in understanding the emerging dynamics of the competitive landscape.

Through purposeful integration of qualitative and quantitative product, sensory, consumer, competitive, and market information methods, U&I Collaboration can help you answer questions or solve business issues related to:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • New product or business ideation
  • Quick concept development
  • Strategic product development
  • Competitive understanding
  • Package development
  • Display development
  • Product positioning
  • The “essence” of the product experience

We can help you reduce consumer complaints and deliver an integrated product experience that generates an emotional connection with your consumer…

  • Fueling and focusing your product development pipeline
  • Improving chances for success through iterative learning
    early and often
  • Establishing a Product Development Process where one
    doesn’t already exist
  • Going beyond words to communicate the essence of a product experience through images, sound, and movement