Our Values

U&I Collaboration is founded on the following values:


U&I Collaboration is dedicated to maintaining positive interactions with others and is focused on mutual benefit and growth. Every person has a story worth understanding. We value personal contact, which we infuse with infectious spirit and passion. We understand the need to share control and power and believe that setting expectations is a part of that balance.


We believe that true insights come from collaboration and building on the strengths of the organizations in partnership. We are focused on implementing a comprehensive system to help others see both “the big picture” and the details of what they are facing. We accomplish this through an integration of traditional, non-traditional, and proprietary techniques in ideation, qualitative and quantitative research, and strategy development.


The members of U&I Collaboration have learned to harness intuition and creativity to allow themselves and others to achieve breakthrough insights to visualize a new, exciting future. Listening, watching, feeling…these are all important aspects of our work.


Intuition, creativity, and passion are nothing if they are not applied.  U&I Collaboration is focused on helping others not only see the path of the future, but go after it. With a refined focus and a set of comprehensive research strategies, we are able to systematically integrate information and find linkages…patterns that provide critical insights for moving forward.

Hard Work

U&I Collaboration  knows that to remain competitive in today’s consumer markets, speed and flexibility are critical. We are dedicated to economically delivering pertinent insights in a relatively short time-frame. U&I’s extensive network of partnerships helps provide comprehensive insights into the world of the consumer while taking advantage of new technologies that can transform business development.


U&I Collaboration  is worthy of your trust. We choose our projects and the way that we do them carefully. We are respectful of people’s time, personal situations and individual’s boundaries and limits.