Getting It®

Understanding & Insight come together in the integration of a qualitative and quantitative system — a system for understanding deeply, clearly and quickly.

The Getting It!® System

Knowledge Mapping

Integrates key knowledge (both tacit and quantitative) and more current issues (trends, fads, business environment) into a physical map.

Value Diagraming

Shows the consumer experience in terms of elements, consequences and attributes/behaviors/values.


Hypothesis Formulation

Allows formation of Actionable Hypothesis as a benchmark to assess any possible anomalies…and refinement as more specific information is uncovered in later steps of the system.

Context Interviewing

Gets consumers to help you understand their total product experience in context.

Rapid Insight Testing

Assigns measures to qualitative feedback from internet based conjoint testing and helps define drivers of the consumers’ experience.


Strategically develops products that perform in the marketplace by delivering brand promises and consumer desires.