U&I Collaboration – practicing the science and art of deep understanding for twenty years

Thorny problem? Need a better solution to understanding your consumer or customer? Tired of the same approach packaged differently? Looking for a company that can empower the client with knowledge and insights …. and then gets out of your way?

U&I Collaboration LLC and its founding organization, The Understanding & Insight Group LLC, has been solving issues like the ones above for twenty years of practice in the strategy, business development and products research technology area.  U&I Collaboration is a female-owned and -operated company in the deep design thinking, commercialization and research fields.

Through their innovative founder, Jacqueline Beckley, and now with their compelling leadership team lead by Jennifer Vahalik, U&I Collaboration delivers the only proven hybrid approach to consumer and business strategy – where deep qualitative understanding scales seamlessly to advanced behavioral and choice-based quantitative findings, leading to enrichment of client-based BIG DATA.

With U&I Collaboration – you are not following a research trend of the moment.  Rather you are driving ahead with context-based learnings that adapt to each business situation that is encountered, using U&I’s real time research approach.

The women of U&I are anchored in the “hard” sciences, yet fully implement the essential insights from the arts and social sciences.  U&I Collaboration has active research in the new findings of Mouth Behavior which impacts all product design decisions in food, pharma, and all orally based products; Adaptive consumer guided surveys through Quessence™, a proprietary online survey tool that incorporates storytelling to understand people’s reactions to products, services, and experiences; and a range of workshop approaches that connect people, their products, and businesses for agile design thinking.