Martha, My Dear

Martha Stewart Kitchen Ready Red- Wine Braised Short Ribs with Vegetables taste test review screenshot

Martha, My Dear

Martha Stewart— a lifestyle entrepreneur known for her aspirational books and media programs on gourmet cooking, entertaining and decorating — recently expanded her business empire with the introduction of Martha Stewart Kitchen. According to the website for these frozen products, her mission “is to bring delicious, yet convenient, gourmet food items from your local grocery store to your table for entertaining or everyday use.”

The full line of frozen items consists of appetizers, side dishes, single-serve entrées and desserts, all created from Martha’s most popular and favorite recipes. With the continuing growth of frozen foods, we decided to try Martha Stewart Kitchen Ready product “Red- Wine Braised Short Ribs with Vegetables.”


Our tasters ranged in age from 16 up, and focused on those who regularly eat frozen prepared meals.


One taster remarked that “The food picture on the box left me with that ‘I can’t wait to try it’ attitude!” For another taster, though, the actual food compared unfavorably….Read the complete article in Feb. 2022 Meatingplace Magazine

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